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Guitarist/Singer/Screamer/Songwriter and in love with Nirvana. Listen to my Punk Metal band ithomiid here: www.ithomiid.com
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Letter to Rise Against →


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I’m seeing Rise Against in just over two weeks, and I’m hoping to actually meet the guys. If I do, I’m going to give them this:

To Tim, Joe, Brandon, and Zach:

Your songs have been there for us when there was nowhere else to turn.



Hayley Williams live through the years

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In Utero


don’t be a little shit to me on tinder

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Tim from Rise Against talks about misconceptions about his band, and his experience being put in a headlock by security

Interviewer:Are you guys looking to play any politically-based shows before Election Day?
Tim:Politically based show? [laughing] Every Rise Against show is a politically based show; that's the answer.


I’m not broken-hearted,
I’m just kinda pissed off

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